Clark Jacobs Pty Limited (Ecovis Clark Jacobs) can trace its roots back to the merger of Clark Cohen Pty Ltd and Jacobs & Co Pty Ltd in 2004. The 2 practices had been established since 1990 and 1995 respectively and the merger brought together the unique experience of each firm’s staff and Directors to provide a more holistic approach to their clients.

In 2006 Garry Pammer and David Conley became Directors of the firm. David’s appointment brought with it unique expertise in Research & Development along with big four experience. This continued the firm’s growth with the four Directors focusing on enhancing the proactive, client – focused culture which the firms founders had built.

In 2010 Heath Stewart, who had been a Manager and then Associate of the Firm, became a Director. With his background in mid-tier firms and a focus on the medical and dental industries, he has guided an expansion of the firm’s reach into these areas.

In 2012 our founding partner, Andrew Clark, decided to retire after a long and distinguished career in Accounting.

In July 2013 Clark Jacobs became the first Australasian Member of the Ecovis International Alliance Network. Joining this network did not involve any change in the underlying ownership of the firm, but was in response to our clients’ increasing need for multi-jurisdictional advice as their businesses expand outside of Australia. As part of this change the firm has re-branded to become Ecovis Clark Jacobs.

In July 2015 Garry Pammer decided to retire as a Director from Ecovis Clark Jacobs.

Ecovis Clark Jacobs