GST Advice

We advise businesses on all aspects of GST and have significant experience on GST matters relating to:

  • Property investment, development and construction, acquisitions and sales
  • The purchase and sale of businesses
  • Cross border transactions
  • Legislative interpretation and advice
  • ATO communications and where required audit planning and audit management
  • BAS amendments and refund claims

We particularly recommend that those engaged in, or contemplating, complex, unusual, or high value transactions should seek expert GST guidance well in advance to ensure their GST related options and obligations are well understood and that their rights are protected. Full advice should be obtained at the time transactions are being contemplated and before final negotiations occur. It is very important that this is not left to the time when liabilities may have already arisen as unexpected consequences can be significantly disruptive and costly to your business.

Examples of transactions or situations where expert GST advice is highly recommended include:

  • Property transactions (including sales and leases of commercial and residential premises – early advice is particularly important where the “margin scheme” is or may be involved)
  • Sales or purchases of businesses or business interests
  • International transactions
  • Financial transactions and related acquisitions
  • Court and out of court settlements
  • Any transaction or situation where the GST treatment is not absolutely certain to those involved.
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